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Tuning Xpand Templates

Our current project is model driven, using MWE, Xpand & Xtend. Right at the beginning, our templates were really fast and the round trip time was fairly acceptable. By now, our model contains quite a lot of elements and a generator run takes far more time than before. So I had a look what can be done to tune our templates a little.
When studying the Xpand docs, I found something interesting: The cached keyword for Xtend functions. A return value of cached functions is stored for the given parameter(s) and this turns out to be very useful. We have a lot of typeSelect() operations to do something on specific model types, for example on all our Services, in both Xpand templates and Xtend functions.
... eRootContainer.eAllContents.typeSelect(Service) ...
This statement results in scanning the whole model for elements of the desired type. Usually you expect the result to be the same each time (at least you should hope). This piece of code is a perfect example for a cached Xtend function that replaces all occurrences of the upper statement.

cached List[Service] services(EObject eRootContainer):

So the model is scanned only once, as the eRootContainer is always the same object. This saves a lot of time. If you provide such a function for each type you need, your templates will be processed much faster. I know, caching is a little dangerous, but well dosed it can be quite useful and reduces the required time for a round trip.