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White Christmas

Unbelievably 3 days before Christmas Eve it is freezing cold outside (we had -11,7 °C) and everything is covered with snow. So there really is a chance for a white Christmas around here, which is pretty special.  I can’t really remember the last time we had snow for Christmas.

Cordless on telly is wicked…

Not long ago, I got my brand new LCD television, which is really pretty cool. As my DVD player ‘unfortunately’ quited his job, I additionally needed to buy a BluRay player as well 🙂  – even more really pretty cool. Yesterday, my wife and me went to Hamburg’s main Christmas market right in front of the town hall. We had some time left before we had to go home – so we went looking for DVDs. We entered the shop and I remembered the VGA input slot of my telly – I bought a cable and a cordless keyboard/mouse for my notebook and here I go – cordless on telly!