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Why Java Web Development basicly sucks

Developing Java web application really is a pain in the butt. Simple things like autocompletion, an editable table or client and server side validation seam to be so damn tricky. Sure, you get all these JSF frameworks from Sun or Apache, Rich Faces, Ajax 4 JSF and so on. All these promise to make things SOOOO easy. But tying these together busts the whole thing as they do not work together properly. You really have to bend everything to the max to get it at least running. Why is everybody so fancy about Web Applications anyway? Actually, the Web initially was made for a specific reason which is to display content. Abusing it to develop applications that more or less look and behave like a ‘real’ application brings me to the question, why we do that anyway. Is distribution that important that we need use a hammer to get in the screw?