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Eclipse Demo Camp Hamburg – December 2009

Yesterday the Eclipse Demo Camp in Hamburg took place. Awesome 110+ registrations and it felt as if everybody showed up and brought a friend. It was good fun listening to the talks. Jochen Krause from EclipseSource covered Tom Schindl who unfortunately could not attend. Jochen gave a brief overview about e4 which was pretty nice actually. I personally haven’t had the time yet to dive into e4 but it seems to be a very good idea to do so. A lot of things promise to ease the complexity of the 3.x Eclipse Workbench features. Jan Köhnlein then switched to the modeling context and spoke about combining textual and graphical editors for modeling, which was pretty interesting as well.  In order to stick to the EMF topic, Jochen with his RAP talk then demonstrated how to ‘webify’ the common EMF Editor using RAP – And despite the fact that setting up CDO did not really work, he said it really went fast to get that done. Gerd Wütherich and Nils Hartmann were really entertaining when they presented their very own version of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” pointing out “Fifty ways to build your bundle”. Though Gerd and Nils as “Ghosts of Build-Management Past, Present and Future” really had some good input, Ebenezer significantly quited his job as a Build Manager in the end and became an Event Manager which seems to be far more relaxing ;). Ekkehard Gentz had the thankless task of presenting last. But it was definitely worth waiting – Just take a look at the upcoming RedView project and you’ll get what I mean.

Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 – Ganymede Edition/Hamburg

Yesterday, the Eclipse DemoCamp 2008 Ganymede_Edition/Hamburg was on schedule in Hamburg’s Former Coffee Exchange. Round about 40 Eclipse enthusiasts took part which is a pretty nice crowd of people. Thanks to Peter and Martin Hamburg now provides two regular events for the Eclipse community around here which is really nice (assuming and hoping that the DemoCamp and the Stammtisch will now occur regularly :). We had very interesting talks about Eclipse, especially Reginald’s talk about automated GUI Testing was pretty wicked. Unfortunatly I missed out taking photos, but trust me, if you didn’t attend, do it next time!