Jigsaw & OSGi – Modularity in Java

Recently I read this article about the current status of modularity in Java. Discussing modularity in Java with collegues turns out to be funny quite often. OSGi (as the really only reliable modularity framework available) has really some difficulties when it comes to JEE integration, building or 3rd party library integration (classloading-hell to be exact…). These drawbacks seem to somehow reflect to the modularity concept in general – at least for Java.

So I must say that I am really ancious about the 3rd attemp to finally make modularity a 1st class citizen of Java. I can’t wait to get the first EA of Java 9 supporting the Jigsaw features to see how it looks like!

For anyone who is interested, have a look at the quickstart. Though the current JDK 9 build is lacking the Jigsaw features, you can get a glimpse of the concept.

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