Eclipse RCP & Logging

Logging within an Eclipse RCP application is pretty easy, every Activator provides an ILog using it’s getLog() method. Though it’s a little annoying wrapping the log statements with an IStatus, using some convenience methods solves that. But what about using another logging framework, e.g. Log4J?

Nearly everybody who tried to use Log4J accross Eclipse bundles faced the context classloader problem. Usually, the Log4J binaries should be placed within a library bundle. The configuration, the file, though is supposed to be somewhere else within a project specific bundle. Creating a Logger instance then runs into a problem: the configuration is not visible from the library bundle. So what to do now?

A pretty elegant solution is to use a fragment containing the configuration tied to the library bundle. So the project specific configuration is separated from the framework and can be managed individually.

Eclipse DemoCamps 2008 – Ganymede Edition/Hamburg

Yesterday, the Eclipse DemoCamp 2008 Ganymede_Edition/Hamburg was on schedule in Hamburg’s Former Coffee Exchange. Round about 40 Eclipse enthusiasts took part which is a pretty nice crowd of people. Thanks to Peter and Martin Hamburg now provides two regular events for the Eclipse community around here which is really nice (assuming and hoping that the DemoCamp and the Stammtisch will now occur regularly :). We had very interesting talks about Eclipse, especially Reginald’s talk about automated GUI Testing was pretty wicked. Unfortunatly I missed out taking photos, but trust me, if you didn’t attend, do it next time!

Remote offline checkin? Create a patch!

Today a collegue of mine asked me to check in some change to our SVN repository. This was a little tricky as I had a home office day today and no access to our repository. Fortunatly there is this handy ‘create patch’ function in my Eclipse contextmenu. So I simply created a patch as a text file and sent it to him by Google Talk. A remote offline checkin – wicked eyh?

AM Grand PokerSeason 2008 – 6th Session

On friday, the 6th session of our Grand Poker Season took place. Dirk “The Shaker”, our host came in 3rd, Andreas winning again is about to follow Hani as this years ‘Altmeister’. Here are the results:

  1. Andreas
  2. Stefan
  3. Dirk
  4. Lars
  5. Heike
  6. Stephan
  7. Matthias

Dirk is still head of the table followed by myself and Stephan. Again we are all looking forward to the next session again at Andreas place.

See you at the tables!