Why Java Web Development basicly sucks

Developing Java web application really is a pain in the butt. Simple things like autocompletion, an editable table or client and server side validation seam to be so damn tricky. Sure, you get all these JSF frameworks from Sun or Apache, Rich Faces, Ajax 4 JSF and so on. All these promise to make things SOOOO easy. But tying these together busts the whole thing as they do not work together properly. You really have to bend everything to the max to get it at least running. Why is everybody so fancy about Web Applications anyway? Actually, the Web initially was made for a specific reason which is to display content. Abusing it to develop applications that more or less look and behave like a ‘real’ application brings me to the question, why we do that anyway. Is distribution that important that we need use a hammer to get in the screw?

It’s raining man…

… at least I hope so. It’s has been beautiful weather around here for about 2 weeks now. I really enjoyed it, believe me. But spending about 2000 liters of water each evening to keep my green alive is pretty bad, besides it costs me about 1 hour to get that done. So let it rain!

AM Grand PokerSeason 2008 – 5th Session

On friday, the 5th session of our Grand Poker Season took place. Andreas was our host due to his win of the 3rd session. It was great fun again though the head of the table, Dirk “The Shaker” was kicked out first. Here are the results:

  1. Andreas
  2. Stefan
  3. Stephan
  4. Hani
  5. Heike
  6. Lars
  7. Dirk

Dirk is still head of the table but only one point ahead. We are all looking forward to the next session at “The Shaker”‘s place.

See you at the tables!

Hamburg & Eclipse

Awesome – Beautiful location and 35 participants proved Hamburg to have a big interested Eclipse community. Thank you Peter an Ralph for organizing this event. I think there’ll be another one for sure.

What I found funny is, that I met Markus Kuppe, who I thought lived in the same street with me when I was a little boy (about 8 years old or so). Actually he did’t, it was a friend of his. So I was wrong, but anyway we had a pretty nice talk about OR mappers and OO DBs.

This is pretty exiciting when it comes to distributed Eclipse  RCP applications – but you’ll have to wait for my book to read more ;). So here are some pictures for those who missed today – Don’t worry, there’ll be another one, pretty sure!

itemis labs kiel on talk
peter taking a picture of me taking a picture
the table

Eclipse Stammtisch Hamburg

Tomorrow, May 5th, the first “Eclipse Stammtisch Hamburg” will take place. Everyone who is interested in Eclipse is invited. So drop by for a glass of beer and some words about Eclipse. We’ll meet at 19:00 at the Bolero Bar & Restaurant in Hamburg Ottensen, don’t miss it!